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Project Partner Organisations

  • Twaweza Communications, Kenya

Other organisations and initiatives

  • Center for the Study of the Public Domain
    Research centre at Duke Law school in the USA with a mission to promote research, debate and public policy solutions on the contribution of the public domain to speech, culture, science and innovation and the need for balance in intellectual property systems.
  • The Communication Initiative
    A space to share, debate and advance effective communication for development progress. The site contains a vast aray of resources relating to communications for social change and development.
  • Consumers International
    A global coalition of consumer organisations from around the world that work to promote and defend consumer rights. Their work on intellectual property is of particular relevance to the Freedom of Expression Project.
  • Creative Commons
    A licensing system that acts as an alternative to mainstream copyright, providing options for more flexible and open copyright agreements.
  • IT for Change
    An network of researchers and development professionals based in India engaged in research, debate and practical action to promote the effective use of information and communication technologies to achieve progressive social change.
  • Future of Music Coalition
    USA-based not for profit coalition that seeks to find innovative approaches and business models to enable citizens and musicians to benefit from the development of new technologies.
  • Global e-schools and communities initiative
    An initiative of the UN ICT Task Force that aims to support, create and implement strategies to harness information and communication technologies for education. Site contains resources concerning the use of technology in education around the world.
  • Global Knowledge Partnership
    A global multi-stakeholder network concerned with how information and communication technologies and knowledge can help address development issues concerning access to knowledge, education, poverty reduction and resource mobilisation.
  • Global Voices
    An organisation that finds, aggregates and tracks interesting blogs from around the world on a wide range of subjects, including freedom of expression, technology and politics. An essential resource for anyone interested in the phenomenon of blogging and in what bloggers are talking about around the world. Global voices has also published the Guide to Anonymous Blogging.
    A campaign led by Amnesty International and the Observer newspaper to prevent the repression of free expression on the internet.
  • Media@McGill
    A hub of research, scholarship and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology and culture. Based in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University, Canada.
  • Netsquared
    An organisation working to spur use of the web for social change
  • One World
    An online global civil society network that supports people’s media, providing a collaborative multi-media platform.
  • Open Democracy
    An independent website on global current affairs, aiming to promote dialogue on issues of global importance and to link citizens from around the world.
  • Open Net Initiative
    A partnership of academic institutions that aims to expose and analyse filtering and surveillance on the internet across the world.
  • Open Rights Group
    UK-based independent organisation campaigning to protect and expand digital civil rights.
  • Public Knowledge
    An American advocacy group that works to defend citizens’ rights in the emerging digital culture. Site contains regular blog updates and resources on government and international policy issues ranging from net neutrality to the WIPO broadcasting treaty.
  • Reporters without borders
    International organisation that works to defend freedom of the press worldwide. Work includes monitoring of government surveillance on the internet.
  • Sarai
    A ‘New Media Initiative’ based in Delhi, India that aims to provide a space for research, discussion and action on issues relating to the contemporary media and its relationship with the urban environment. Contains interesting resources exploring the relationship between new technologies, media and culture.
  • Well Connected
    Online tool that maps out corporate and government ownership and control of the communications environment in the USA.