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Challenges and opportunities for freedom of expression in the networked environment

Research: Phase One

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Phase 1 ran from July 2006 to December 2007 . For a summary of Phase 1 findings, read the report

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Phase 1 papers

How can new technologies be harnessed to create an enhanced public service media environment?
Charlie Beckett. Explores whether the notion of public service media will be undermined or enhanced by networked communications.

Towards freedom of artistic and cultural expression: advancing diversity in the networked world
Jeff Chang. Discusses the implications that networked communications have for expression in the realms of art, culture and indigenous knowledge.

The changing role of journalists in a world where everyone can publish
Suw Charman. Examines traditional and citizen journalism in the networked communications environment.

Freedom of expression in the age of networked communications: an overview
Becky Hogge. Examines current arguments concerning the implications of new communications for freedom of expression.

Activism in the networked world
Lisa Horner. Examines how networked communications are affecting civil society, their implications, and what can be done to foster the environment as a space for positive collaboration.

The contemporary communications environment: mapping the communication platforms of freedom of expression
Lisa Horner. Examines how people access information, which sources they trust and who controls and regulates these sources.

New frontiers for freedom of expression? Increasing access to information and debate through new communications technologies
Lisa Horner. Addresses the question: does the networked communications environment expand the ways we can get information and access public debate?

Shaping the networked world: drivers of change in the networked communications environment.
Lisa Horner. Examines how technological, political and economic factors interact to change the shape of the communications environment.

Freedom of expression at the Ford Foundation: history and renewal
Joe Karaganis and Waad El-Hadidy. Explores donors' strategic funding approaches to freedom of expression over the past decade, in the context of evolving networked communications.

The networked communications environment: the case of Kosovo
Laura Kyrke-Smith. Explores the implications for freedom of expression of the massive expansion of communications technologies in Kosovo since 1999.

The internet and civil society in Singapore
Geoffrey Pakiam. Explores the impact of the internet on relations between state and society in the controlled media environment of Singapore.

Democracy in the age of modern communications
Leni Wild. Examines whether the nature of modern communications technologies is transforming social and political relations and offering new opportunities for how we ‘do’ politics.

Phase 1 workshops

We held a series of global workshops during 2007, bringing together members of civil society working on a wide range of issues to test the Project’s analysis.

Asia Workshop - report and presentations
Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 4 - 7 November 2007
This event was a huge success, bringing together a wide range of professionals and activists from different countries for productive discussion.

Africa Workshop - report and resources
Nairobi, Kenya. 16 - 19 July 2007
The workshop covered similar terrain to the previous event in Buenos Aires, placing issues in both African and global contexts. A number of new issues were raised, with an emphasis on culture and identity.

Latin America Workshop – report and more information
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 8 - 11 May 2007
The workshop brought together communications specialists from Latin America, the USA, the UK and Kenya for lively and productive discussion.

British Council Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for Freedom of Expression
Manchester, UK. 14 - 16 February 2007
This event brought together 32 civil society activists, journalists and communications experts to explore freedom of expression issues in the networked communications environment, with a focus on Europe.

Phase 1 event reports

Ethics and Human Rights in the Information Society
UNESCO and Council of Europe Conference, Strasbourg 13-14 September 2007
This conference was the third in a series of regional consultations by UNESCO exploring the ethical dimensions of the information society. Click here to read our report from the event

Communicative Power and Democracy Panel Debate
LSE Centre for Civil Society event, 10 October 2007
To celebrate the launch of the Global Civil Society Yearbook 07/08, Communicative Power and Democracy, a panel debate was held at the London School of Economics on 10th October 2007. Click here to read our report of the event