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News Stories (4th - 10th July 2007)

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Tue, 2007-07-24 10:40.

Information and debate

Why do we trust established search engines
A new study reveals that branding affects levels of trust in search engine results

Wikipedia remains go-to site for online news
Nielsen//Netratings reports that Wikipedia is the top online news and information destination.

Civil society

China internet surfers save more than 800 cats
An internet posting by an animal rights activist in China spurred the interception of trucks transporting cats to be slaughtered.

UK court jails trio who incited terrorism over web
Three people have been jailed for inciting terrorism outside of Britain via the internet in the first ruling of its kind in the UK


China city tightens internet control after protest
The organisation of a protest against a chemical plant in Xiamen has prompted the local government proposals to ban anonymous online participation, requiring users to register their real names. Further blog commentary

Culture and education

Warning of data ticking time bomb
The UK National Archives is warning about the danger of losing critical knowledge as new computers are unable to read old file formats.

Cultural past of the digital age
Discussion piece about the future of traditional film and book publishing in the networked world

MTV service seeks revenue from fan remixes
MTV has launched a service which allows fans to remix footage from music videos.

Filesharing ruling against ISP hailed a precedent
A Belgian court has found a local ISP responsible for illegal filesharing by its users.

Music sales at lowest since records began
After a recent trend of declining sales, music sales are expected to plunge even further in 2007, attributed at least in part to piracy and illegal downloads.

Drivers of change

High prices curb South African internet growth: survey
Whilst broadband subscriptions are set to rise in South Africa due to increased competition in the sector, the cost of renting phone lines is prohibiting many from accessing internet services.