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News Stories (4th - 10th April 2007)

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Wed, 2007-04-18 10:40.

Information and debate

Blogging code of conduct
Discussion about whether there is a need for blogging guidelines to ensure that blogs adhere to certain standards, including a link to a New York Times article. Another article discusses the discrimination faced by women bloggers.

Japanese lead explosion of blogging
There are now more Japanese blogs on the internet than in other languages, including English and Chinese, according to figure release by the blog tracker Technorati


Blair launches YouTube ‘channel’
The UK Prime Minister has launched a ‘Labourvision’ channel on YouTube. YouTube has also officially launched ‘citizen tube’ to house political video content

YouTube offers to help Thais block offending pages
Following the Thai government’s decision to block access to You Tube after the site refused to remove clips of the King that it deemed to be offensive, Google is reportedly working with them to block selected pages rather than the whole site.
In the UK, the government is calling for sites like YouTube to help fight against bullying at school through removing offensive content

Drivers of Change

High speed web boost for Africa
Kenya, Burundi and Madagascar have received World Bank funding to help roll out high speed internet networks. It is also reported that Google is partnering with the Rwandan government to help it achieve its objective of becoming an information economy by 2020.

Can the internet be truly neutral?
Article exploring the net neutrality debate, suggesting that the premise of the US Save the Internet campaign is flawed and that its success is a result of networked communications making it easy to disseminate information and mobilise people, whether or not the subject matter is based on fact and the cause is justified.