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News Stories (27th March - 2nd April 2007)

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Information and debate

Zimbabwe: Bloggers invade mainstream media
Group blog This is Zimbabwe was featured as the guest blog on Sky news’ Insider Blog. The BBC has also reported on blogging during the ongoing crisis


Cambodia bans texts for elections
The national election committee in Cambodia has ordered mobile networks to shut down during elections, apparently to prevent users from being ‘bombarded’ with campaigning messages.

Egypt: video blogs expose vote fraud in referendum
Amateur videos showing alleged fraud in the Egyptian elections have been circulated by bloggers.

Philippines: Overview of the use of the internet in the mid-term election campaigns

Culture and Education

EMI takes locks off digital tracks
The record label has announced plans to remove the digital rights management (DRM) software which prevents users from copying and distributing the music tracks that they purchase online.

Web innovation: why Hong Kong lags behind mainland China and Taiwan
Blog discussing the Hong Kong Copyright and Creativity Symposium. Includes some interesting background on interactive technologies and copyright issues in South East Asia.

Drivers of Change

EU price probe into Apple itunes
The EU is investigating whether iTunes is restricting consumer choice through preventing users from buying music from sites in other countries.

IBM helps blind ‘see’ web video
New technology to allow visually impaired people to browse multimedia content on the internet will increase its accessibility and inclusiveness.

Drivers of Change – internet governance

Proposal for porn domain rejected
ICANN has rejected proposals for an .xxx domain name for pornography sites. The issue has been of concern to activist groups concerned with internet governance. See for example the Internet Governance Project, IP Justice and ICANN board member Susan Crawford’s blog and comments