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News Stories (25th April - 1st May 07)

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Tue, 2007-06-05 16:00.

Information and debate

Serbia: Blogosphere reacts to protect press freedom
Global Voices reports on the response of bloggers to attacks on a Serbian journalist.

Civil Society

‘21st Century revolution’ in the blogosphere against digital rights management
When details of a key to get around copyright protection code on new high definition DVDs were censored by community news website ‘Digg’, bloggers responded by joining forces and rapidly re-posting the information on the site multiple times.


Ethiopia blocks opposition websites
The OpenNet Initiative reports that the Ethiopian government is preventing internet users from accessing sites and blogs linked to the political opposition.

Launch of a computer game that simulates peace in the Middle East
A new computer game allows people to simulate a peace process in the Middle East.

Culture and Education

UK students receive one-to-one tutoring from Indian teachers via the internet
An Indian-based company is exploiting the internet to provide affordable tutoring for students around the world, demonstrating the potential of the internet to expand access to knowledge and education.

BBC to make TV-on demand available in the UK
Following UK broadcaster Channel 4’s decision to make television programmes available online after broadcast

Comment piece: Ignore the US copyright bullies
Discussion of the US Trade Representative annual report card on intellectual property rights protection around the world.

Peter Gabriel launches free music service
A new music service, financially supported by advertising revenue, allows users to download music for free.

Drivers of Change

Google moves to personalise the internet

Dell will supply user-friendly ubuntu operating system on Linux PCs
This announcement by Dell is expected to give a boost to the open source software movement.

Fraudsters hack digital networks to charge phone calls to companies
One example of security concerns surrounding digital networked communications.