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News Stories (25th - 31st July 2007)

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Tue, 2007-08-07 10:13.

Information and debate

Web child fight videos criticised
A UK TV investigation into the posting of video clips of bullying onto video sharing sites raises questions about the ethics of the clips and who should take responsibility for them. A similar debate is occurring in the US where MySpace has removed the profiles of over 29,000 convicted sex offenders using its site.


Malaysia cracks down on bloggers
The Malaysian government has threatened to use anti-terrorism laws to arrest people who insult Islam or the king online.

Culture and Education

Huge Chinese piracy ring tackled
The FBI and Chinese Public Security Bureau have arrested 25 people for software copyright violation.

Drivers of change

EU moves to cut roaming charges
Under new EU legislation, mobile phone companies will have to cut customer charges for making calls in other EU countries. Elsewhere the EU has ruled that Intel’s marketing strategies have been uncompetitive.

Chile: A controversial agreement with Microsoft
Bloggers debate allegations that the government of Chile has signed a deal with Microsoft, giving the company preferential access to businesses and educational/social programmes requiring software development and support.