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News Stories (13th - 19th June 2007)

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Tue, 2007-06-26 16:34.

Civil society

Paedophile ring smashed by police
An illustration of how the internet can foster criminal networks but also offer increased opportunities for police surveillance.


Zimbabwe’s bugging bill condemned
A bill has been passed in Zimbabwe to allow the government to monitor e-mails and other electronic communications. The parliament in Uganda is currently discussing a similar bill.

Egyptian blogger arrested
Blogger Omar El Sharkawy was arrested in Egypt whilst covering the Shura Council elections.

Thailand: ‘Beat the censors!’
Freedom Against Censorship Thailand reports that the military government of Thailand is substantially filtering the internet, blocking sites such as YouTube and Blogger.

Yemen: Government bans news sent to mobile phones
As well as filtering the internet, the government of Yemen has banned services which distribute news to mobile phones by text message.

Culture and education

AT&T in talks with Hollywood studios against piracy
USA telecom firms are working more closely with media content firms to protect copyright. At the same time, music company EMI is expanding plans to sell digital music without digital rights management/copy-protection
and the EU has invited authors and composers to comment on proposals to relax copyright restrictions

Drivers of change

YouTube makes international move
The popular video sharing site YouTube is set to launch different versions of the site for different national audiences. This could make it easier for the site to deal with copyright infringement. Will it also make it easier to respond to requests to take down videos deemed to be offensive or illegal in certain jurisdictions?

Warnings of ‘internet overload’
Discussion piece about the capacity and security of the internet.

Google’s breakneck changes stoke privacy fears
Discussion of privacy concerns over Google’s collection of personal information.

China aims to top US in cyberspace: US General
A US general comments on Chinese plans fro the development and governance of the internet.