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News Stories (11th - 17th April 2007)

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Tue, 2007-04-24 10:12.

Information and debate

Abdul Monem Mahmood, blogger and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been arrested in Egypt
Global voices also carries reports on arrests of online journalists in Syria

Culture and education

US internet radio threatened by new ruling on royalty fees
US webcasters face increased royalty fee payments, payable when people listen to songs over the internet, that threaten to put many companies out of business.

Anti-piracy firms help the media industry fight back against online copyright violation

Canada drops licences and adopts free model for data
Users can now download maps and satellite images for free in Canada

Drivers of Change

Broadband challenge faces Britain
UK industry experts have warned that action has to be taken by internet companies and the government to ensure that improvements in networks meet economic and user needs.

Can open source techniques be used to design a car?
The idea of open source production has migrated to the car manufacturing industry.

Patent battle threatens to sink VOIP service provider Vonage in the USA

Buying Using text messaging
A new system that allows mobile phone users to buy products via text message after seeing adverts has been introduced in the USA